Amigo MGA on How Apple Plans to Use the iPhone to Control Cars

These days it is not uncommon to see different tech giants coming together to solve serious problems. It is equally common to see innovative new solutions in the auto industry. Now, it would appear that Apple is entering the fray (again).

According to reports, Apple currently has plans in the works to allow iPhones to have control over vehicle functions. But what exactly does this mean, and how will it potentially affect drivers?

Apple’s CarPlay

Apple already has its own form of Autotech available in the wild, known as CarPlay. At the moment, CarPlay lives up to its name — it allows drivers to have hands-free control over their music, maps/directions, and phone calls.

All of these hands-free functions serve to make drivers safer. The less time their hands are off the wheel, the better. These are not the only functions that CarPlay is capable of. A recent update (circa 2020) made it possible for iPhones to act as key fobs. This quickly became a case of launching tech before it was ready, as it requires car manufacturers to partake for drivers to get the full advantage.

It’s also worth noting that CarPlay is not without complaints. Primarily, users do not appreciate switching from the car’s internal options to Apple settings and then back again as needed. Apple intends to push its initiative further — providing more benefits than ever to iPhone users.


Always one to come up with creative names, the new Apple application has been dubbed Ironheart. This name is internal, but it may stick if they don’t replace the title shortly.

So, what does Apple hope to gain through Ironheart? According to reports, the newest app will access inside/outside temperature readings, temperature zones, advanced sound settings, speedometers, tachometers, other essential readings, and even seats and armrests. So far, all of these details have not been confirmed by official spokespeople from Apple, though their goal sounds like something they would hope to obtain.

As with CarPlay, the concern may once again be whether or not car manufacturers are willing to adapt their technology to mesh with Apples. It may require a partnership made in advance. Given Apple’s attempts to negotiate a contract with Hyundai, this would make sense.

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