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Dash cams are rising in popularity — especially in certain regions where accidents are more prominent. The UK and Russia, in particular, have seen a rapid rise in dash cam use, as the cams help with accident resolution.

Dash cams are small cameras that drivers can easily install on their own. Typically, they are found by the windshield of a car — on the dashboard. Hence the name. They can also be in the rear window of a vehicle for those more concerned about rear-end collisions.


Given the rise in popularity of dash cams, it is easy to assume that one can benefit from using them. The most significant advantage of having a dash cam is the readily available evidence they provide.

A dash cam can record as little or as much as a driver wishes — meaning that they have the potential to record accidents in real-time. This removes the common problem of trusting the word of drivers during a collision. Many countries now accept dash cam footage as legal evidence, making it easier to close a potential case before it arises.

Along with protecting drivers from legal trouble, dash cams have the added benefit of encouraging safer driving. Drivers are less likely to make risky decisions when they know they’re being recorded.


As with any new technology, some disadvantages come alongside the benefits. For dash cams, there are a few outstanding issues worth discussing. First and foremost is the most noticeable feature: dash cam evidence goes both ways. Yes, the footage can help prove when a driver isn’t at fault. But it can also provide evidence proving the opposite.

Some drivers fear that the cameras are more of a distraction than a benefit — which is in line with the introduction of almost all new car tech. This, coupled with the higher risk of theft and invasion of privacy, has left some drivers concerned about the increased risks of ownership.

Dash Cams and Insurance

At the end of the day, one of the biggest questions drivers may have is: how dash cams affect their insurance. At the moment, most auto insurance companies are not offering discounts for having a dash cam installed.

However, there are still worthwhile reasons to get a dash cam where one’s insurance is concerned. First, it can be submitted as evidence following an accident. This helps prove innocence (or fault) as needed while also establishing another critical fact: the accident happened. Dash cam footage proves the lack of insurance fraud, which will simplify the entire process for all parties.

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